I have always been loyal to the pen and paper concept of taking notes, the only problem is that I have terrible handwriting, I am disorganised when it comes to note-taking (which is strange because I’m generally an organised person) and therefore I find it difficult when it comes to revising these notes.

I was a bit late to the game, but in September this year, I broke my iPad virginity purchasing the iPad 10.2inch and the Apple generation 1 pencil. I made this purchase for a number of reasons and I would highly recommend it. The main benefit that I have gotten from the iPad however, is that it took my university note-taking skills to the next level.


Notabilty app

The app that I use for taking notes is called Notability. I have tried a few of these apps including the popular suggestions GoodNotes and KeyNote, but this one was by far the top contender. The app requires a one-off payment of £8.99 and I can confirm it is totally worth it! You can download the lecture, seminar and assessment materials directly from your university portal into notability. It then gives you the option to put into a folder. Unlike my unorganised paper notes where I could never find what I was looking for, everything is now categorised into module, section and week (as seen in the image below).

Categorised into modules

Categorised into modules an sections

How Do You Take Your Notes?

At the beginning of the week, I download all the relevant material that I need for that week into Notability for example the lecture PowerPoint presentation. I then use my laptop to watch lectures and take notes directly onto the downloaded PowerPoint slides on my iPad. This system is what works personally for me as I like having everything in one place.

The features on Notability allow you to highlight the content, draw on the slides, add images and my favourite feature which is the option to turn your scribbled handwriting into text. FINALLY, I can understand the handwriting on my university notes (GAME CHANGER).

I know that this digital form of note-taking won’t be for everyone, however, it has allowed me to keep my uni notes in a more organised manner which in turn has increased efficiency and my productivity levels.

You can find more information on how I take notes digitally on the highlights in my INSTAGRAM.

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