Some days I need a reminder of why I am working so hard in university to get a degree in Communication, Advertising and Marketing to pursue a career in this industry. When I come across reactive marketing posts or campaigns on social media that make me literally laugh out loud I am reminded of why I love what I do.

For those that aren’t familiar with the term reactive marketing, put simply its when a brand reacts quickly to to external events and incorporates it into its marketing campaigns. This week I have seen some fantastic examples…


Unless you live under a rock you will no doubt have seen Bernie Sander’s choice of clothing at Joe Biden’s inauguration go viral. People were very quick to take to social media with some hilarious memes mocking his fold up chair and in particular his mittens.

Ikea also jumped on board with the global meme and created a reactive marketing campaign around its product the fold up chair. Ikea began by using the photograph of Bernie on social media advertising their fold up chair and oven mitts. After receiving a great reaction Ikea took it a step further renaming the chair the ‘Bernie’ folding chair! This is an example of reactive marketing genius as the marketing campaign has since went viral.

Joe Wicks aka ‘The Body Coach’

Since the virus hit in March 2020 and schools closed, Joe Wicks began taking millions of children for P.E. The live stream workout with Joe took place 5 days per week and as a result parents were branding him a ‘hero’. He didn’t just stop at children, he also developed live online classes that took place on his YouTube channel for the elderly. The videos of elderly residents in nursing homes working out with Joe melted the nation’s heart.

Back to the point… Last week when The Body Coach was participating in the LIVE STREAMED classes, let’s just say he let ripppp. Yes live in front of millions of viewers Joe Wicks farted. But to be fair to Joe and his very ‘cringe worthy’ moment that will probably stick with him for the rest of his life, he owned the situation facing it head on.

Heinz beans were very quick to respond to Joe’s situation launching social posts that read ‘WE’RE WITH YOU JOE. COME RAIN OR SHINE. OR WIND’. It was accompanied by the headline: “Happens to the best of us”. Again absolute marketing genius because you know what they say about beans…

There you have it two brilliant examples of how brands use reactive marketing to promote their products. It gives us reassurance and restores our faith that marketing is a fun, creative and exciting industry to practice in.

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