In 2019 it seemed that most were making a conscious effort to be more sustainable and save the planet, but then 2020 got in the way and everyone’s focus shifted to saving mankind being wiped out by the virus. Although it is still on going I’m going to share my favourite sustainable, everyday products in the hope to make you make small changes too.

The idea for this blog post came about after reading a report published by ASOS plc claiming that 46% of Generation Z consumers (i.e. us students) would spend more money on a sustainable product and 31% would boycott a brand for unsustainable practices. This got me thinking that less than half of the student population give consideration to sustainability when making purchases and I must admit I am also guilty of this, however this past year I have tried to change this bit by bit. This year my new years resolution is to NEVER buy a plastic bag and below is some of my favourite everyday sustainable products that you all need!


Chilly’s Bottle

This has by far been my favourite purchase of 2020! Some may think that spending £20 on a water bottle is insane, however in my eyes its an investment. I have to confess that when I was in school I bought a bottle of water in the shop ever single day (Yes, I am the worst type of person!) Not only is buying bottled water the biggest scam in world history when we have a free endless supply, but the amount of plastic waste is insane.

I then moved on to buying re-usable plastic water bottles that I would use for a few weeks or at most a few months before they broke. I have now owned my Chilly’s bottle for a year and I have no doubt that I will be using the same bottle in many years to come. Not only do these bottles look appealing having a huge range of colours and designs, but it actually keeps your water freezing cold. As a result I am drinking atleast 3 liters of water everyday!

Picture this, walking up in the morning and grabbing the room temperature glass of water from the night before, now imagine drinking ice-cold water that has been in the Chilly’s bottle all night. If I haven’t sold it to you yet I never will.

Chilly’s Bottle: £20 (Chilly’s also has 10% Unidays discount)

Estrid Razor

This is another product that most of us buy and has a lot of wate… disposable plastic razors. This year I decided to invest in an Estrid Razor. This company prides itself on being vegan and sustainable and sells the prettiest razors you have ever seen. I never knew that I needed an aesthetically pleasing razor until I had one in my life and now there’s no going back.

How this brand works is that you purchase the razor and fill in a questionnaire. Based on your shaving preferences the company send you new razor heads for your sustainable metal razor every 2/3 months. This was a big selling point for me as I can’t recall how many times I’ve jumped in the shower and realised that I’d used the last razor. It’s also brilliant quality and in my eyes a simply genius business concept.

Razor price + shower holder + 2 blades: £7.99

New blades: £9.99 every 2/3 months depending on preference.

Can cancel for free at any time

Reusable Cotton Pads

This is a fairly new one to me and to be honest I was a little skeptical at first, however it has became another favourite everyday product of mine… reusable cotton pads.

I opted for the new Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads. These come in a pack of 3 which is great because when one or two are in the wash you always have one for use (and yes, you simply pop them in the washing machine). Before, I was using 2 cotton pads every day for taking off my make-up and for toning my skin and I always felt guilty throwing them away. The Garnier pads are much better quality and easier on the skin. At only £8.99 for 3 reusable pads I think that it is a great investment to add to your skincare routine.

Students can also get 10% as these are stocked on ASOS.

There you have it my top 3 everyday sustainable products that make a small change to the environment. Other small changes that I have tried to incorporate this year is walking more instead of driving, using a re-usable coffee cup and taking my university notes on my iPad to save paper.

Thank you for reading my first blog post of 2021!

To keep up with my everyday life follow me on Instagram: Mindtalk blog.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Bring the Focus Back to Sustainability

  1. Love this! Definitely going to invest in the razor must tell síofs too!

    Get Outlook for Android



  2. I have been on a sustainable product mission this year (it’s one of my new years resolutions). These products look really cool – I def. want to try this razor….. I have found that I really like this lint brush (even though it’s made out of plastic). And not related to cleaning at all, but I LOVE these bees wax wraps (they are soooooo good at keeping half your avocado from turning brown 🙂

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