I’m sure that ‘social influencers’ and ‘Government policy’ are the last phrases you would expect to be seen together . So, what is the connection? Truth is absolutely none yet and that is the issue! Since March this year our Politicians have been indecisive, in disagreement and following along with ludicrous policies for individual political gain. It’s been as obvious as a brick to the face. But in contrast what does social influencers mean to us.

Social Influencers

A social influencer is what it says on the tin, it’s a social figure that influences us in some way. It may be our behaviour or the products that we buy. But the question is why do we let these people influence us when we know that it is their job and that they are getting paid to make us do certain things…It all comes down to trust!

We watch these people everyday, we know their likes and dislikes, what they do for a living and they let us see what we perceive as the real them, by showing real emotions. Just like us they are real people that have a social responsibility to the many young adults that see them as role models and we grow to trust and value these people’s opinions and recommendations.

During the multiple lockdowns we looked to social influencers to see how to behave. If one met up with their boyfriend or had a small gathering with friends, followers were the first to point it out or replicate it. For example, just this week Rita Ora, a celebrity and social influencer broke lockdown rules to throw birthday bash celebrating turning 30. Since the news broke I have seen many young people on twitter and Instagram at house parties with the photo caption “if Rita Ora says so” indicating that if she can party so can we.


Politicians on the other hand don’t hold the trust of the public, especially young adults who are perceived to cause the most harm. They need to ask themselves why that is.

Politicans don’t show emotion.

Politicians don’t show a united front

Politicians don’t show consistency.

Politicians don’t interact with young people.

By addressing the nation on the evening news politicians are targeting parents and grandparents and complaining about student behaviour. They need to get on Instagram, answer questions that we might have, show us that they weren’t created in a Russian lab and actually have a soul and a life. As I said above its all about trust and you can’t trust someone that you don’t feel you know. Isn’t it about time that politics changed.

Does the Government Need Social Influencers?

Does the Government need social influencers? Yes you heard correct. There will probably never be a world in which ‘old men Tories’ see the benefit in paying social influencers to influence policy and behaviour. But why not?

These people get paid by all sorts of companies in private and public sectors to influence us in some way or another. It is clear to see the their behaviour is mirrored by the young adults that are so invested in the life of the influencer. Would it be totally crazy if influencers were paid to show us how to Christmas shopping safely, how to talk to grandparents through a window or simply show us how they use and wash their face masks. Probably, but the moral of the story is that these people have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers who take what they say as gospel.

We are no longer living in the 1970s this is 2020, an absurd world in which social influencers have in fact more power than our politicians.

(And I bet you thought you had heard it all in 2020).

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