If someone told you last year that you would be paying £4,000 to be sitting in front of a computer screen in your bedroom listening to pre-recorded lectures, having very little if any live time with your lecturers to ask questions and waiting up to 2 weeks for a response to an email you would think they were crazy. But… This is our reality as students.

I heard a fact yesterday that since the start of term this year a pupil has taken their own life every week in the UK. At least one a week, why isn’t people talking about this? Why aren’t you angry? This week I had a really bad week with university work and I don’t mind admitting that. With 4 major deadlines this month and not being too sure where to start or what to prioritise it became very overwhelming. For the first time in a long time my anxiety kicked in. The most surprising thing is that I emailed asking for help and I was told that it was normal to feel this way. Another individual I emailed asking for a zoom call to ask some questions, I was told that I wasn’t ready for a zoom call because my work was not satisfactory. £4,000 and until I figure out what to do myself I can’t get help. This week I am angry, I am furious and you should be too.

Since I have started back at university as a final year student, I have not heard any information about counselling services or anyone expressing concern about student’s home situations. This year my core textbook for one of my modules doesn’t come in the form of an eBook. Does the university have 80+ copies to give out (NO) well how can I read the CORE TEXT? When will they realise that this year is different and that we do not have the same advantages as previous students? We do not have the luxury of face-to-face classes, asking questions and not waiting days or weeks for a response, getting help and advice from our peers or accessing the appropriate books. Where is our £4,000 being spent. We can’t access the building, core textbooks and most of the time we can’t access our lecturers. We need to speak up, lower the student death rate, receive more support from our lectures and universities need to invest OUR money on mental health services, seminars and support.

I am writing this blog post today sitting in my bedroom where I now spend all day everyday doing work. I don’t socialise and until today I bottled up my emotions and my fear about this year. Because I am afraid. I am afraid that I don’t have enough information and support to get me through this year. I am afriad for my mental health and I am afraid that I won’t get the grade I deserve.

The purpose of this post is not to rant about the system but to let every student know that you are not alone. We are all feeling anxious, scared and a bit lost. But we will get through this year. Talk to your family, friends, university peers that are experiencing the same thing and we will get through this, you will get through this.

P.S these views have been gathered from conversations with many students and aren’t solely my own.

2 thoughts on “The £4,000 depression

  1. Kayls,

    This is so spot on you should be really proud of yourself! Thís year is alot!! I know we cant sit and have our wee tea and rants but im still always here for you gal xxx

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